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The most efficient way
for lawyers and law firms
to handle accounting and finances.

Legal Calendaring,
Conflict Search, Contact Management, it does the things you already have
to do. Only faster.


MC Law Office AccounTeam, Inc. provides law office technology solutions and office management and bookkeeping services to solo practice attorneys and small to mid-sized law firms in the Puget Sound area. Solo attorneys and small law practices are greatly challenged with managing bookkeeping and administrative duties while still effectively promoting and building their practice. MC Law Office AccounTeam's clients are able to concentrate on the practice of law at which they excel with the security of knowing their bookkeeping deadlines are being met.

Highly competent attorneys are frequently sole-proprietors with a working knowledge of the bookkeeping responsibilities of running a successful practice, but they have little or no time to properly manage this area of their business. Typically, the bookkeeping responsibilities require only part-time assistance and oftentimes the duties fall to existing staff members with little or no bookkeeping background. Without the proper training and support, mistakes can be made, tax deadlines missed and precious billable hours can be spent on clean-up. One of the best investments the owner can make is to hire an experienced bookkeeping professional to establish and maintain proper accounting functions and free the owner to run the practice with peace of mind. Our experience in the legal industry shows that law practices with well-maintained bookkeeping procedures are more successful practices.

Our goal is to provide business owners access to qualified, experienced assistance on a part-time or temporary basis so they can improve the effectiveness of their practice.


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