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The most efficient way
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Accounting & Bookkeeping Services


Management Services

MC Law Office AccounTeam, Inc. can partner with you to automate your accounting and office procedures. We can work hand in hand with your current tech support or provide referrals to experienced IT Business Associates for any networking or website related solutions. Our goal is to find the best technology solutions that will optimize your productivity and provide a return on your investment.

Technology Services:

  • Inventory your current bookkeeping and office procedures

  • Explore and recommend software solutions for automation

  • Purchase, install and set-up software solutions

  • Train your staff to fully utilize the automated systems

  • Upgrade and maintain your existing accounting software

Supported Software Solutions:

  • Tabs3 Reliable Billing and Financial Software

  • PracticeMaster Calendaring, Conflict and Contact Management

  • Tabs3 TaskBill for electronic submission of billing invoices

  • QuickBooks for Law Firms

  • Microsoft Office Products including Outlook, Word and Excel

  • Needles – The Customizable Case Management Software for Law Firms

Payroll Services:

  • QuickBooks Payroll Services - Standard * Enhanced * Assisted

  •  ADP Payroll Services - Call or Fax in * PC Payroll * PayExpert * Report Writer

  • US Bank Payroll Services

  • CompuPay

  • IRS Electronic Fund Transfer Payment System set-up and submission

MC Law Office AccounTeam, Inc. provides education and training for a variety of law office bookkeeping, software and practice management solutions. Wilka’s extensive law firm bookkeeping experience coupled with her patient and pragmatic teaching style provides a practical approach to the learning environment. Our goal is equip you and your team with the proper training and support to achieve the highest level of performance.

Bookkeeping Training:

  • Basic bookkeeping duties such as bank deposits, payment of office bills, and proper maintenance of bookkeeping records for tax purposes

  • Time and billing, timekeeping, data entry, monthly drafts and final statements

  • Payroll services for processing payroll and payment of payroll taxes & related tax reports

  • Trust accounting recordkeeping and procedures for compliance with WSBA Rules and Regulations

  • Business & Occupation tax reporting for State of Washington and various cities including electronic filing

  • Training for new hires

Software Specific Training:

  • Tailored training for the following software products:

    • Tabs3 Reliable Billing and Financial Software

    • PracticeMaster Calendaring, Conflict and Contact Management

    • Tabs3 TaskBill for electronic submission of billing invoices

    • QuickBooks for Law Firms

    • Microsoft Office Products including Outlook, Word and Excel

    • Needles - The Customizable Case Management Software for Law Firms

MC Law Office AccounTeam, Inc. provides experienced part-time bookkeeping professionals to perform your bookkeeping and accounting duties. Without proper training and support mistakes can be made, tax deadlines can be missed and precious billable hours can be spent on clean up. Our goal is to provide excellent bookkeeping and accounting services to give you business peace of mind.

Full Charge Bookkeeping Services:

  • Time and Billing: Time, cost and payment data entry; monthly drafts and final statements; split billing; task code and electronic billing; billing reports; specialized and contingency bill processing

  • Cash Receipts: Daily/Weekly preparation and delivery of bank deposits; monitor balances due to prevent overpayments; post payments to client accounts

  • Accounts Payable: Pay office and client related bills; track by category for tax and client reimbursement purposes; assist with cash management

  • Trust Accounting: Set up and maintain IOLTA and individual Trust Accounts in compliance with the WSBA Rules and Regulations

  • Payroll: Process payroll using manual, call-in, web based or electronic payroll services; timely payment of tax deposits; prepare and file State and Federal quarterly/annual payroll tax reports

  • General Ledger: Maintain general ledger entries; reconcile bank statements; print financial reports

Accounting Services:

  • Set-up: Inventory of current bookkeeping procedures; make recommendations for appropriate internal controls; set up bookkeeping structure

  • Federal, State and Self-Employment Taxes:

    • Track and file 1099 Misc. Income reports for vendors

    • Calculate and pay State of Washington and City B&O Taxes

    • Coordinate documentation and information with CPA for Federal Tax filing

    • Prepare and file Unclaimed Property Returns

    • Coordinate calculations and payment of Quarterly Self-Employment Taxes

  • Management Reports:

    • Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance Reporting

    • Budget Projections, Cash Flow and Financial Management Reporting

    • Partner/Shareholder compensation calculations based on allocation formulas

    • Attorney Production reporting

MC Law Office AccounTeam, Inc. provides attorneys access to business management resources on a part-time or project specific basis. Over the past twenty years in the legal industry, Wilka has established a professional rapport with attorneys while advising them on business and financial decisions. Our goal is to partner with you in managing the practice details so you have more time to practice law.

Practice Management:

  • Practice Set-up: Project Management for practice set-up including leases, insurance, financing, business licensing, bookkeeping, accounting and technology

  • Insurance: Professional Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Fiduciary and Business Owner’s Policy

  • Growth and Progress: Partner with attorneys/owners to provide custom financial information for management decisions

  • Efficiency: Establish internal office procedures for calendaring, conflict and contact management.

Benefit Management:

  • Health, Life & Disability Insurance: Coordinate the implementation of insurance benefits from initial research and quotes through enrollment and renewal

  • Retirement: Explore retirement options with business owners and assist in the establishing a plan

Chaos Recovery:

  • Bookkeeping Support: Assistance during tumultuous time periods such as staffing transitions, rapid growth changes or work backlogs

  • System Failures: Problem-solve and assist with recovery when pandemonium has struck your data

  • Fraud: Partner with you in the recovery process when the unbelievable has happened


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